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Over 300 Volunteers Organized this Afternoon}

A group of over 300 people met at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Paso Robles to pass out flyers. The entire east side of Paso Robles had volunteers go door to door making sure everyone knows of Norma’s disappearance. A few leads were gathers and will be investigated further. Nothing is yet concrete or definite. The search ended around 5:30pm.

We are so greatful for everyones help! Thank you!

Sunday 11/30/03 – Sheriff’s Posse Gets Involved}

The Sheriff?s posse, consisting of a dozen law enforcement on horseback, along with the Search and Rescue, state certified search dogs, and over 115 volunteers met this morning at the Mid-State fair grounds. They will continue to search strategic locations and to canvas specific regions of Paso Robles with reward flyers in Spanish.

REWARD for Any Information!!}

It was decided to offer a reward for any information leading to the recovery of Norma. No specific dollar amount has been set.

Done Searching for Today

We’ve finished searching for today. The weather has changed and rain is on its way. We have had a couple of possible leads today, a couple articles of clothing, some possible Norma sightings, but nothing has panned out. We continue to pray, trust in our Heavenly Father and the abilities of law enforcement.


Local Businesses Help Out}

A big thank you to Home Depot, they donate water, gloves, rakes, and flashlights, and to Albertsons who has donated food and water for the searchers. Also, thanks to Office Max who has given us significant discounts on the thousands of flyers we have been making, we hope that there color copier doesn’t break.

Saturday 11/29/03 – We keep looking}

Over 100 people gathered at our home this morning and are out looking. We have two groups searching, one group left from 32nd and Spring and the other from Wal-Mart in Paso Robles. We also have a group of ATVs searching more rural areas.

The Media Helps}

We were interviewed by KSBY6, the local television station, hopefully the media attention will give us some help.

Norma’s Minivan Found!}

Norma’s minivan was found at the bowling alley in Paso Robles by the LDS missionaries. There is still no sign of her. Her purse was not in the vehicle but it was locked. The police are still searching for clues.

Friday 11/28/03 – Friends and Family Help

Around 80 volunteer friends and family begin a canvassing of the county with flyers. We thank you all so much for your help and prayers.


We continue to search by car checking all of Norma’s favorite shopping places and drive up the coast. We encounter a Highway Patrolman and he informs us that there is a state wide search going on by the CHP