Wednesday 12/03/03 – My Inistial Reaction…}

How to remember a loved one; words always seem inadequate when emotion is so strong. Norma is loved by so many. If there was any doubt about that before it is now clear to the world how many truly admired her testimony, faith, determination, perseverance, dedication, and loving heart. It?s easy at a time like this is become bitter and angry toward the perpetrators of this crime and all of the people who are now walking the streets knowing exactly what happened and have done nothing. Yet, it?s a comfort for me to remember the love that Norma has for those same people. She spent much of her life helping to raise them out of their squalor, to help give them a new start here in America, to share with them her testimony of her Savior, Jesus Christ. She spent her life trying to make other?s lives better. We must now do the same. We must continue her legacy. I will always remember Norma as a wonderful missionary, anxious to share what meant so much to her. Without ever serving as a full time missionary she has brought entire families into the gospel and seen them sealed for eternity in the temple. There is no greater example than this. I know that she is with our Heavenly Father now. She has been reunited with her father and all of our family that have already gone on. While we are mourning here they are celebrating and preparing for the great work that they now must do to prepare the way for us to follow. Families are forever thanks to the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know this and it brings me much peace and comfort. Our Father in Heaven knows our sorrow and will give us comfort and peace. I know this to be true and leave my testimony of this, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.