“NJ, I’m Gay so Ignore the Knife in Your Back”

<%image(20040911-mcgreevey.jpg|299|200|AP Photo: McGreevey, wife, and mom)%>
Wow, there is a lot going on in the news today. Prime Time news broadcasts are obviously dominated by the Olympics but all three celebrity trials have developments and New Jersey is engulfed in scandal.
Last week Gov. McGreevey of New Jersey made a public announcement with his wife and mother present that he was gay and having an affair, he then announced his resignation. Now, I am openly against homosexuality and think it’s wrong, but McGreevey is not the first politician to announce he is homosexual. So, why is he resigning? ….

It’s because there is a lot more going on than is on the evening news. We aren’t going to know the whole story for a while, but what we do know it that McGreevey is being accused of sexual harassment against a male state employee who he allegedly hired because he had a crush on him. If it was a gardener that might be forgivable, but it’s New Jersey’s state homeland security advisor, Golan Cipel! If this turns out to be true that means the Governor of New Jersey potentially put all the citizens of his state, and the rest of us in the nation for that matter, at risk! How qualified is Golan Cipel anyway? Rumors in the media are suggesting that the US Homeland Security Administration didn’t think he was qualified enough to receive their briefings! That’s scary.

But is doesn’t stop there…. nope, that’s not enough for good ol’boy McGreevey. He is also in an ongoing investigation involving his top fund raiser, Charles Kushner, who almost became the Port Authority chief! He was accused of secretly hiring prostitutes to video-tape and embarrass a witness in an ongoing campaign finance investigation. What’s going on here?

So I’m convinced that McGreevey is a dirty scoundrel… are you? Maybe not, you’ll see what happens, right? Innocent until proven guilty (forget that he had an affair, that’s not a big deal anymore. Clinton did it, so I guess we all can now.) I guess I’m one of the few that thinks this way because a poll today shows that McGreevey’s approval rating is actually up! That’s incredible! Are the people of New Jersey blind? I must admit that two of my coolest and favorite relatives live in New Jersey so you aren’t all bad… but really. I think people are ignoring the scandal and controversy because McGreevey “came out of the closet!” He did get thunderous applause at his resignation speech. Are we all so desperate to be politically correct that we will overlook blatant indiscretion and crime? Sure, McGreevey did a brave thing inviting his wife and mom to here his big announcement that he was a gay adulterer, but we can’t fall into his trap and overlook what’s really going on here.

McGreevey should resign, and I’m glad he did. It’s probably motivated by a desire to save his own skin, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he tried to do the honorable thing. I just hope that the people of New Jersey do us all a favor and do the honorable thing when they finally get the opportunity to pick a new governor.