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Stop the Violence

3 year old Sophia Parlock cries after her Bush-Cheney sign was torn up by Kerry-Edwards supporters.

3 year old Sophia Parlock cries after her Bush-Cheney sign was torn up by Kerry-Edwards supporters.

What is happening to our country. When did we loose the freedom of speech? This picture is of three-year-old Sophia Parlock who showed up with her father, Phil, at the Tri-State Airport in Huntington, W.Va. today. They showed up to see John Edwards as he made a brief stop to conclude his 2 day bus tour. Sounds okay, right? Well, it was until her dad gave her a Bush-Cheney sign. Even that shouldn’t be a problem in the country where free speech is obsessed over and where even pornography has been granted free speech protection. But some obsessed, angry, Kerry-Edwards supporter took it upon himself to teach this little girl about free speech in America by tearing up her sign!

I don’t understand the anger on the other side of the political spectrum. I don’t remember any protestors breaking into Democratic National Convention and shouting durring Kerry’s speach! Yet, how many protesters did we see breaking into the Republican National Cconvention? Not to mention the protestors on the streets. Did they really convince anyone to vote for Kerry by breaking laws or spraying urine on Bush supporters with squirt guns? I don’t think so. I don’t object to the supporters of Kerry, or those against Bush voicing their opinions; but I want to be able to voice my support for Bush without fearing for my safety, having my car keyed, or having my sign torn up.

Meeting with the DA

We had a meeting with the DA this afternoon. It was nice to finally get some information about what is going on. In a major twist in the case, Miguel Celas has said that he will plea guilty…

Why I am Voting for President Bush

With Election Day just a few weeks away I feel it important that the world know why I will be voting for President George W. Bush’s reelection. I hope that as you read that you keep an open mind. This election and its issues have been the most polarizing that I have seen in my short life of a quarter century, and I feel it important that I add my voice to those supporting our great President.

I say “great” and I mean that. I was in Europe at the time of the 2000 election and I missed all of the campaign fuss, the confusion in Florida, and my first memory of hearing about George W. Bush was in a Spanish newspaper saying that days after the Presidential election neither he nor Al Gore had been decided victor. My biggest political concern then was that the US was making a fool of it’s self to the world. I mention this only because my opinion of President Bush has been formed entirely during the term of his presidency. I have no personal experience with his past or what the media portrayed of him prior to his election.


Back Online Again

I’m sure some people are wondering what happened to TAlatorre online at the beginning of September. I’ll explain. For the last several months my site has been hosted for free by That’s why my site had the address Well, the last week of August my site went offline and anyxhost disappeared without a trace. I haven’t been able to find out any information about where they went. Fortunately I was being hosted for free so I didn’t loose much except for some data and time. However, many people had paid service with anyxhost and lost money as well.

I am now being hosted by Novice Host and I have paid to have my own domain, i.e. Having my own domain name means that even if Novice Host goes belly up and can just move my site to any other host and will still have the address of So from now on until the end of my life, you will find the latest of what’s going on in my life right here at TAlatorre Online!

UPDATE July 9th, 2009: Novice Host went out of business only 3 months later and I lost money as well as my new domain name.

Trial Date Set}

A start of trial date has been set for October 5th, however the DA will be meeting with us later this week and we are feeling that this date may be changed.

Lest We Should Forget

The following is an email that I received today from a good friend of mine. I think that it’s important for us all to read…

God Bless America

God Bless America

September 11th :3 years later I didn’t even realize that today was going to mark three years since a tremendous tragedy, until yesterday, and that made me feel so ashamed. I think back to 3 years ago and the pain, loss and tragedy that happened in our country. I think back to 2 years ago and the prayers and remembrances. And even last year, there was a beautiful memorial, telecasted all day long.

Yesterday I wrote the date on the top of my notes for class: 10 Sept 2004… and that was the first time I realized what day it was soon going to be. I was so embarrassed when I realized that I called myself a patriot, and had almost forgotten the day that caused me to turn to that portion of my heart. I felt selfish as I watched a report on the children in Beslan, Russia… over 300… dead…. and hardly anyone seems to care.

I wonder if patriotism can extend beyond a love for our country and become a love for all mankind. I found myself wanting to tell the Russian man featured on a small, seemingly insignificant, CNN report, who had lost his three children and his wife recently in the explosion of a school that it will be okay. “I’m sure you think it will,” he might say. “When it happened to you, everyone actually cared.” In remembrance of what happened to us, let’s pull outside of ourselves… just this once.

A child in Calcuta, India, prays for the release of the children in Russia.

A child in Calcuta, India, prays for the release of the children in Russia.

Yes, a terrible thing happened to us, and we wailed and gnashed our teeth. Why, when it happens to others, do we not expect ourselves to care the way we expected to be cared about? Just a thought… God bless America…. God bless all mankind. God bless us to use His blessing to serve our brothers and sisters everywhere.

That is my prayer on this day : 3 years later. Find a new meaning to patriotism.