Back Online Again

I’m sure some people are wondering what happened to TAlatorre online at the beginning of September. I’ll explain. For the last several months my site has been hosted for free by That’s why my site had the address Well, the last week of August my site went offline and anyxhost disappeared without a trace. I haven’t been able to find out any information about where they went. Fortunately I was being hosted for free so I didn’t loose much except for some data and time. However, many people had paid service with anyxhost and lost money as well.

I am now being hosted by Novice Host and I have paid to have my own domain, i.e. Having my own domain name means that even if Novice Host goes belly up and can just move my site to any other host and will still have the address of So from now on until the end of my life, you will find the latest of what’s going on in my life right here at TAlatorre Online!

UPDATE July 9th, 2009: Novice Host went out of business only 3 months later and I lost money as well as my new domain name.