Meeting with the DA

We had a meeting with the DA this afternoon. It was nice to finally get some information about what is going on. In a major twist in the case, Miguel Celas has said that he will plea guilty…

… to all charges if his mom is given a lesser sentence. His attorney is still helping him to decide if he wants to make this change in plea. We are thinking that he may be influenced in this decision by other family members. Of course, we are not willing to let Isabelle walk free, but this is interesting none the less. Also today, we were briefed on the contents of all the DNA reports and the over 200 pages of transcripts from the taped statements of the defendants and witnesses. That was very enlightening. The DNA evidence turns out to be less than we were expecting since Norma was not found for 6 days, and in that time it rained, and also due to the fact that the defendants washed all of their clothing, the home, their cars, and driveway with bleach and gasoline. We were also updated on other developments of the case but as to not jeopardize the ongoing prosecution I will refrain from giving any more information at this time. Because Miguel has decided to change his plea we will not be going to trial on October 5th. The judge will be meeting with the attorneys on October 1st to pick a new trial date. We expect the trials to now begin in January.

We also learned more of what transpired on the night of Norma’s murder. The following is graphic and may be hard to read. Norma, we have learned, was assaulted in the Celas’ driveway before she even had time to react in a significant way. Due to injuries on her knees we think that she was pushed from behind onto her knees. After this she was beaten at least 15 times with a metal rod in the back of the head. After she was unconscious she was bought into the kitchen where she was wrapped in a blanket. She was then loaded into the back of Miguel’s car and dropped dumped off the side of the road. At this point, Miguel lifted a 60lb chunk of concrete and smashed it on Norma’s head. This was the fatal blow. After doing this Miguel and Javier cleaned up their clothes and car and then higherd prostitutes with whom they spent the rest of the night in a hotel. We also learned that they were both drinking throughout the night. To read more of what transpired on this night go here.