Why I am Voting for President Bush

With Election Day just a few weeks away I feel it important that the world know why I will be voting for President George W. Bush’s reelection. I hope that as you read that you keep an open mind. This election and its issues have been the most polarizing that I have seen in my short life of a quarter century, and I feel it important that I add my voice to those supporting our great President.

I say “great” and I mean that. I was in Europe at the time of the 2000 election and I missed all of the campaign fuss, the confusion in Florida, and my first memory of hearing about George W. Bush was in a Spanish newspaper saying that days after the Presidential election neither he nor Al Gore had been decided victor. My biggest political concern then was that the US was making a fool of it’s self to the world. I mention this only because my opinion of President Bush has been formed entirely during the term of his presidency. I have no personal experience with his past or what the media portrayed of him prior to his election.

My first memory of George Bush as president came on that tragic morning of September 11th that changed the world as we know it. I remember staring horrified at the television in my parent?s bedroom as I prepared mindlessly to go to work. I remember the President speaking on television and knew that the country was in this together. That morning in the office my co-workers and I listened intently to the radio, then during lunch the television, trying to come to grips with what was happening before our eyes. I remember feeling that the end of the world had come. It seemed to me that evil had won and that the only thing left to due was defend our dying way of life. I was partially right. A few days later I watched as the President stood on top of the rubble of the twin towers and proclaimed that the enemies of our country would soon hear from us just as he heard the cries of pain coming from New York. On that morning, watching President Bush, I realized what a man of courage and integrity he was. I remember him declaring a day of prayer and how the Nation came together. It was then that I realized the President was a man of faith.

Our country has been through a lot in the last 4 years; 911, the explosion of the space shuttle that scattered debris from California to Texas, and the ousting of the Taliban and Saddam Hussein. We have been through fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and here in San Luis Obispo we even had an Earthquake that left one of my friends mother-less. We have seen terrorists fight with all their might against our country, our way of life, and our religious freedoms; yet, we have not had any more attacks on our homes, we have not seen any more innocent lives taken on the American Soil since that day in September three years ago. I know that we are safer today because of our President, George W. Bush.

He had the courage to take the fight to our enemies. He had the courage to over throw the terrorist loving regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq. He has had the courage to stand up for the sacred institution of the family, and he has had the courage, in spite of a constant barrage of media attacks, to stand firm in his beliefs and fight for what he knows is right.

George Bush is a hero. Not because of what he did 30 years ago, but because what I have seen him do in the last 3. George Bush doesn’t need to prove himself to anyone. The critics who attack the flaws of his youth forget his accomplishments as a man. He is a man America can look up to. He is a man I look up to and a man that I know will look out for all of us.

I could continue to speak of George Bush’s policies, his programs, tax cuts, and other accomplishments; but in the shadow cast by the hate of our enemies they all seem so trivial. I am not an economist, but I do know that cutting taxes will always encourage economic activity. Those who wish to raise taxes on any part of the social system only hurt themselves. If you do the research, which I have, you will find that cutting taxes always generates more wealth for a nation than not. I also support the President’s plan to simplify the tax code. Our current system is burdened by bureaucracy. Being young and uninsured I also am excited by his plans to give my generation an opportunity to create Health Saving Accounts and reforming the Social Security System to allow me more control over the money that I put into the system. I also know that President Bush will continue to appoint qualified and fair judges to help protect the Constitution and our way of life.

We are poised, I feel, at a turning point in our Nations History. I try to imagine what it must have been like for Abraham Lincoln faced with the horrors of civil war and fighting to keep the Nation as one and extend liberty to all her people. We were an America divided. During the world wars we faced external enemies that sought to rob us of our freedoms and liberties, which sought control and power to decide how that people of the world would live and what types of people were allowed to live. We were an America UNITED! Then I think of today. We are facing external enemies today that are just as terrifying as those we faced during the bloody world wars, and maybe worse. We are facing a subtle, crafty and deadly enemy that has no respect for life. An enemy that will kill mother, child, and soldier alike; an enemy that will brutally execute a man for us all to witness in our living rooms and enter the schools of our children and shoot them in the back. Our enemy seeks to rob us of our freedoms and liberties and has declared that they wish to destroy us and submit us to their control. And yet, we are an America divided….. Why? There has been much talk of Vietnam in this election and yet I feel that we learned nothing from that war. We lost because we fought among ourselves. Luckily, thanks to the strength of America?s leaders our defeat in Vietnam did not mean our Nations destruction. Today, however, our enemy will not be satisfied with gaining control over some rice patties; they will not stop until they have gained control over us. Losing this war means losing everything and we can not be divided and win.

There is only one candidate that has the ability to lead us through this war for the next four years, and he is George W. Bush. He has proved himself capable and I am confident that, unlike his opponent, he is committed to the task as hand. I know I am better off than I was in 2000, and with George W. Bush as president America will be better off in 2008.