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Analysis of the 15th CA State Senate District seat race

Besides the US Presidential race, the race for the 15th CA State Senate District seat is the most impassioned and prominent in my area. Unfortunately the information about each candidate being presented to us is so uninformative that I have been forced to do a little research on my own. Not that that’s a bad thing. The following comprises what I have learned so far.

To get a biography of each candidate you may go to their respective campaign web sites. What really matters to me is where each candidate stands on the issues and how likely it is for that candidate to act on their beliefs.

Abel Maldonado

Abel Maldonado

Peg Pinard

Peg Pinard

From what I’ve found both Able Maldonado (R) and Peg Pinard (D) have personalities of getting things done. In contrast to some politicians who ride on the coat tails of others these two get things done. Maldonado has introduced 32 bills in the last 4 years in the state assembly and Pinard has been active in the Avila Beach cleanup project and lead the fight for the San Luis Obispo ban on smoking in public places.

Maldonado is the Vice-Chair of the Assembly Agriculture Committee (being a former Santa Maria farmer himself), is on the Assembly Business and Business and Professions Committee, and the Public Employees, Retirement and Social Security Committee.

Super Sized Movie!

Siper Size MeCrystal and I just finished watching the movie “Super Size Me: A Film of Epic Proportions” by Morgan Spurlock. The film is a documentary about Morgan who goes on a one month diet of only McDonalds’ food.

Before I watched the film I had a feeling it would be interesting but I had no idea how much I would learn about the food industry and obesity in America. This film is so powerful that Crystal is now thinking of going into a career of educating youth about health and nutrition.

In the course of the month Morgan went from being in excellent health to having a failing kidney, decreased sexual ability, depression, fatigue, and gained 24 pounds. It then took him 14 months to loose it following a strict “healthy” diet.

This film is a must see for all Americans! It is rated PG-13 for a few choice words, a stomach stapling procedure, and a nice little description by Morgan’s girlfriend about his decreased ability in the bedroom (she actually is very tactful in her explanation).

Halliburton Information at – Cheney’s Debate Blunder

After the Vice Presidential debate on Tuesday night, I like millions of Americans, took to the internet to investigate “” at the request of Vice President Dick Cheney. I was expecting to find the facts about Halliburton and the Vice President, instead I was redirected to the personal smear site of George Soros, millionaire crackpot. Today I discovered that the correct web address is This site will have a link to it in the right column from now until the election as it provides fact checking for both candidates.

Some interesting titles include: Kerry Ad Falsely Accuses Cheney on Halliburton; Cheney & Edwards Mangle Facts, and Distortions and Misstatements At First Presidential Debate

Saddam Hussein WAS a threat to US

A report by Charles A. Duelfer, head of the CIA’s Iraq Survey Group weapons-hunting teams was released this week. The major focus by media and Democrats has been to reinforce John Kerry’s position of “Wrong war, wrong place, wrong time.” The main point of the report, according to them, is that Iraq has not been making WMD since 1991. This morning however, I heard on The Today Show from Charles Duelfer who said that large portions of the report come from Saddam’s interrogation. Can he really be trusted? Also, an article from the British news site concludes from the same report that “Saddam would have indeed built up his capabilities, built up his strength and posed an even greater threat to the people of Iraq and the people of the region than before.”

A belief that American’s rarely question is that “if you want it enough, anything is possible.” Saddam did want to make WMD and was an “even starker” threat than we thought because of his intense motivation. Another part of the report shows that Saddam was actually buying off members of the UN through the oil for food program and was counting on France and others to veto the US if we ever pressed to go to war against Iraq. This reinforces the notion that John Kerry’s Iraq policy of letting the UN do it’s inspections wouldn’t have worked since these countries were in the hands of Saddam.

George Bush is accused of going to war for oil, but it turns out that the allies that John Kerry wants so badly were getting oil for not going to war while Saddam was lining his pockets with their gold.