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Learn From My Mistakes

Well, Tim Alatorre Online has been temporarily relocated to Now, I know that when was launched that I said Tim Alatorre Online would never move again but due to my own ignorance the web page has moved once again.

It seems that when I registered the domain “” I had my hosting company do it for me. I was assured that I would retain the rights to the domain. I, however, never obtained the login information for the registrar where the domain was registered ( Two weeks ago my host ( went offline. A few days later they came back online. They are now offline once again. I have been trying this entire time to contact them to obtain the login for the registrar so that I can change the DNS servers for the domain.

So, the result is that “” is still pointing to “”, which doesn’t exist. I therefore have registered “” and it is configured to point to my new host ( Until I can gain control of “” again you can access my web page at

The moral of the story: Spend the extra 5 minutes to register your own domain.

UPDATE July 9th, 2009: I finally reaquired “” in November of 2006, I had to wait two years for the domain to expire so that I could reregister it.