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A Local Treasure

Vine StreetAlthough I’ve lived on the central coast for 4 years now, this year was the first time that I attended both the Paso Robles annual Vine Street Victorian Christmas Showcase and the Atascadero Winter Wonderland. I didn’t even know the latter existed until about fifteen minutes before I went.

The Atascadero Winter wonderland was last Friday evening. The event was what I expected from a small town event. It reminded me a lot of the Thursday evening Farmers Market in San Luis Obispo except that there was maybe a thousand people and most of them were children. There were loads of street vendors and fund raising groups with the occasional carolers, and of course Santa Clause. The highlight of the Winter Wonderland was the snow manufactured from 180 crushed ice blocks. There were three snow locations downtown, 2 were for snow ball fights and the third was set up on a hill for sledding! This was by far the most interesting thing at the event to watch. (more…)

Social Security is a Joke

I was listening to talk radio today and there was a comment on the state of social security and how the government has promised us retirement benefits but are on the verge of breaking that promise. The point was made that we pay into the system our entire life but instead of keeping that money safe politicians have spent it and the money isn’t there. The radio personality then said that he would prefer to have the option to opt out of Social Security completely and not receive any government benefits at all.


Ahh, changes…. Well, Tim Alatorre Online has a new look! Up until now the web site has just been a conglomerate of a lot of different experiments and had little cohesion.

With the new design I hope to make the entire site feel like one! Ahh…. so nice. Everything should be up in running soon, in the meantime bear with the changes. Content is being sacrificed as I work on the graphical side of things. A new feature I’m excited about is an integrated search function on the title bar!

As a bit of trivia: I took the picture of the palm trees on the banner from the roof of the Bren School at the UCSB campus!

Thanks for visiting!

UPDATE 06/10/09: Here is how the site looked after the redesign mentioned above. The site featured drop menus and many, many hover effects.

Tim Alatorre Online as of Feb. 10th, 2005

Tim Alatorre Online as of Feb. 10th, 2005

A Little Humor from Gary Larson

Suddenly a heated exchange took place between the king and the moat contractor

Suddenly a heated exchange took place between the king and the moat contractor

Atorney Change

We were notified a couple weeks ago that the attorney for Javier Chavez has died. A new attorney has been appointed to represent him and this attorney will have to be briefed on the case. This means more…