Miguel Celas Pleads Guilty!

You heard it here first!

Miguel Celas plead guilty this morning to all charges! This means that he will be sentenced with life in prison without possibility of parole! One down, two to go.

To give the background of this story we met with the DA’s office on Tuesday and they gave us an update on what would be occurring in the case. We were told that Miguel had decided to plead guilty to all charges on Thursday (01.06.05). However, yesterday he changed his mind and decided not to. This morning, I guess he woke up and changed his mind again. This is the last time he can do that. Now that he has pleaded there is no opportunity to change his sentence or appeal since there was no trial

Originally Miguel’s trial was to begin with jury selection next week, but now that is not necessary! We will now wait to see if Miguel’s decision will snowball and the other defendants will plead as well.

We are all very relieved that we won’t have to go through the process of this trial. Due to different laws, all the defendants have to be tried individually in order for the prosecution to use their original confessions.