Day 4: People v. Isabel Celis ? Miguel takes the stand

The following contains information regarding the trial. If you are a juror or potential witness please do not read this until your role in the trial has ended.

Court began today with Miguel Celis taking the stand at 10:45am. …

… He entered the court room shackled and in prison garb. He was then released and Isabele?s attorney, Wilson, gave Miguel a tire iron he brought in and had him act out the events of the night of the murder. Wilson played Norma and Miguel attempted to demonstrate how he held down Norma with his left and hit her with the tire iron in his right hand. He was unable to recreate the scene because it wasn?t possible to do both actions at once (or with only two hands.) Since Norma?s injuries were on the back of her head he couldn?t ?remember? how he did it and became frustrated breaking into English. Miguel testified that when he takes Methamphetamine he feels nervous, can?t relax, and feels powerful and pumped up. Miguel also testified that he had been on Methamphetamines the night of the murder and had taken 2-3 grams of Meth right before he was arrested and interrogated.

In the cross examination the DA, Karen, played the tapes of Miguel?s interrogation. He did not appear to have any of the symptoms of being high that he had described but appeared very calm, aware, and composed. On the tapes he said that his mother had called him a couple months before November 26th and asked him to come to Paso and kill Norma. He said that he wouldn?t but told her that he would help her do it. In the cross examination Karen pointed out that it took him 400 days in prison to finally change his story from ?my mom did it and I helped? to ?I did it all and my mom knows nothing.? She asked him why he waited but he didn?t have an answer. Throughout his cross examination he looked nervous and would glance at Detective Wasley but avoided eye contact with him. Isabele cried during portions of his testimony.

Two other witnesses also testified about the garage sale where Isabele was seen a couple days after Norma?s death. They tried to testify that the garage sale wasn?t on the day that the previous witness who ran the sale said it was held. They weren?t very credible and weren?t even sure of today?s date.

The video of Miguel?s confession ran from 2:30 to 4:30 and will continue tomorrow.

Note: I was not in court today. The preceding account is from a description of the events given me from another family member who was present the entire day. For more information on the events of this day see my article ?The Media Only Gives Half.?