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The Meaning of Names

I was surfing the internet this morning procrastinating doing some homework when I decided to look up the meaning of the names of some of my family and friends. I’ve listed some of them below and I think they are pretty interesting.
(more…) March 2005 Statistics

Some interesting statistics for in March 2005.

  • Average of 75 visits per day
  • Most visits was on March 19th (592 visits)
  • The site is accessed the most at 7am and 4pm
  • There is an average 21hits at 3am! Who’s up that early?
  • People came to my page by searching for: tim Alatorre, crystal Alatorre, cuesta
    college, institute of religion, gordon b hinckley, birth date, la iglesia de jesus
    cristo de los santos de los ultimos dias, norma alicia barto, norma lehr, and
  • People visited my web site from the United States, Brazil, Sweden, Mexico, Seychelles, Belgium, Canada, France, Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Yugoslavia.

We now know who is up at 3am PST!

The Apostles

The Fifteen Apostles

Name Birth Date Age Date Ordained Age Ordained
Gordon B. Hinckley 6-23-1910 10-5-1961 51
Thomas S. Monson 8-21-1927 10-10-1963 36
Boyd K. Packer 9-10-1924 4-9-1970 45
L. Tom Perry 8-5-1922 4-11-1974 51
James E. Faust 7-31-1920 10-1-1978 58
Russell M. Nelson 9-9-1924 4-12-1984 59
Joseph B. Wirthlin 6-11-1917 10-9-1986 69
Richard G. Scott 11-7-1928 10-6-1988 59
Robery D. Hales 8-24-1932 4-7-1994 61
Jeffery R. Holland 12-3-1940 6-23-1994 53
Henery B Eyring 5-31-1933 4-6-1995 61
Dieter F. Uchtdorf 11-6-1940 10-7-2004 63
David A. Bednar 6-15-1952 10-7-2004 52

A biographical
sketch of the current Quorum of the 12
by Deseret News.

EDIT June 09, 2009: I originally put this page together as an experiment with Javascript. The “Age” column had the current age of the apostles calculated with a script and their birthdays. I’ve removed the script and their ages becuase I didn’t want to have excess code on my site. The Apostles have now changed with the passing of several of the Apostles, including President Gordon B. Hinckley but I’m leaving this page on my site as a snapshot of what I was doing a few years ago.

I’m only human!

I’ve been scrolling through my web stats for March and I was surprised to find that 2 people came to my site by doing a search for Gordon B. Hinckley’s birth day. For those of you who haven’t found that information on my site yet it’s located on my page dedicated to the current apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

One neat feature of this page is that it always shows the current age of the Apostles and updates automatically when they have a birthday! I was showing the page to Crystal and she noticed that Elder Wirthlin was only 33 years old! I’m sure he would like to be that young again, but alas, I entered his birthday as 1971 when it should have been 1917.

Sorry all, I’m only human!