Talatorre.org March 2005 Statistics

Some interesting statistics for talatorre.org in March 2005.

  • Average of 75 visits per day
  • Most visits was on March 19th (592 visits)
  • The site is accessed the most at 7am and 4pm
  • There is an average 21hits at 3am! Who’s up that early?
  • People came to my page by searching for: tim Alatorre, crystal Alatorre, cuesta
    college, institute of religion, gordon b hinckley, birth date, la iglesia de jesus
    cristo de los santos de los ultimos dias, norma alicia barto, norma lehr, and
  • People visited my web site from the United States, Brazil, Sweden, Mexico, Seychelles, Belgium, Canada, France, Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Yugoslavia.

We now know who is up at 3am PST!