The Meaning of Names

I was surfing the internet this morning procrastinating doing some homework when I decided to look up the meaning of the names of some of my family and friends. I’ve listed some of them below and I think they are pretty interesting.

Name Origin Meaning
Timothy Greek honoring god
Crystal Greek A Clear, Brilliant Glass
Ricardo Spanish Strong ruler
Michelle Hebrew Who is like god
Lucas Latin Bringer of Light
Albert English Noble, Bright
Kathryn English Pure
Joseph Hebrew God Adds
Allison German noble, kind
Karlie German Womanly, strength
Hank German Ruler of an Estate
John Hebrew God Gave
Patrick English Patrician, noble. Romans society was divided into plebeians: (commoners) and patricians: (aristocrats).
Peter Biblical A rock or stone. Greek form is Peterke, also meaning rock
Devanie Irish Dark-haired

Well, I though that was fun. If you want to find out what your name means I found this information at