A World United

This morning our friends in England were abruptly reminded of the dark reality of our world. As they rushed on there way to work we read reports that at least six bombs were detonated in the subway and busses of London. Al Qaida has already claimed responsibility and this latest attack reminds us that the war is not won.

Almost four years ago Al Qaida attacked us on our soil. Since that day we have become comfortable again, we have returned to shopping and having fun. We have forgotten the danger as we involve ourselves in our busy lives. I think, that’s how it should be, to an extent. Terrorist strategies work in undermining the moral and will of the people, we haven’t let them do that to us. However, have we become so complacent that we have forgotten about the ever present threat? I don’t worry every day that my house is going to burn down, yet I still have smoke alarms and I don’t leave candles and burners unsupervised. The evil of Al Qaida is still burning. Why are we leaving our borders unsupervised? Why don’t we keep better track of who is in our country? Why do we still argue about fighting the enemy on their soil instead of waiting for them to come back over here?

Wake up America! We have been blessed with 4 years of peace in our land! Yes, we are at war, yes our service men and women are dying, but they are keeping the enemy at bay. We can never forget the lessons of 9/11. We can not let our guard down, disable are warning and safety devices, and forget to be vigilant.

My heart goes out to those who have suffered this morning, I ache for those who fell victim to the bombings in Madrid 16 months ago, and I remember in solemnity those who perished on September 11th, 2001.

Wake up America! Lets put our arms around our English friends, lets look forward with steely resolve, and let us unite to conquer the enemies of peace, democracy, and freedom. Al Qaida may glory in carnage today, but we will Not let them win.

May God Bless America and all of his children.