In Loving Memory of Norma Alicia Barto

Norma Alicia Barto
Aug. 1947-Nov. 2003
Her gentle smile upon her face:
A gift she freely shared.
Kind hands, so quick to help and give;
A heart that truly cared.

Oh, she was beautiful!

Serenity in service;
A desire to offer ease;
She gave with quiet majesty.
She lived to help, to please.

Her life was beautiful.

She radiated beauty
From without and from inside,
Untouched by petty longings,
And unmarked by worldly pride.

Her heart is beautiful.

She gave from deep within.
She touched so many lives for good.
And even from beyond the vail,
She’d comfort if she could.

Her soul is beautiful.

Compassionate, she rues
Our longing grief–that mighty chorus!
And if she could, I know that
She would bear that burden for us.

And that is beautiful.

Written for
by Anon.