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Polygamist Sects Are Not ‘Mormons’, Church Says

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Polygamist Sects Are Not “Mormons,” Church Says
29 August 2006

SALT LAKE CITY — Many news outlets are reporting on the recent arrest of fugitive polygamist leader Warren Jeffs, who is on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

Some media outlets have been very careful to describe Warren Jeffs as a “fugitive polygamist sect leader.” Other reports refer to Mr. Jeffs as a “Mormon,” “fundamentalist Mormon,” or as the leader of a “Mormon sect.”

Some may debate what the definition of a Mormon is, but terms like “Mormon Tabernacle Choir,” “Mormon Temple” and “Mormon missionaries” are universally understood to refer to the 12-million member Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Quite simply, calling Warren Jeffs a Mormon is misleading and confusing to the vast majority of audiences who rightfully associate the term “Mormon” with members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

A Change and a new start

Well, Crystal and I have done the unthinkable….. we’ve moved! After graduation I had a number of job offers… okay 3, but hey, I that’s pretty good I think. So, there were two that I really had a hard time choosing between, one was to continue with GFH Architecture in Atascadero, where I had been working. The other was with Craig and Grant Architects in Danville, CA East of San Francisco. So after much deliberation, prayer, many Excel spreadsheets and tossing of coins we decided to move. We’ve now been here for 3 weeks and are enjoying the area. We do miss Atascadero, our friends, our co-workers, and our house, but are certain great things are still to come.