New Photos

Okay, the long awaited web site update has happened! I know everyone anxiously visits my web page twice a year to see if I’ve updated anything! Well, I have…

I’ve moved all of my pictures to Flickr. I’ve been hosting all of my pictures on my own server but I decided it’s better to use Flickr becuase I have unlimited space and bandwidth so I can post a lot more than I have been. Also, Flickr has a much more robust permissions system so I can mark pictures as only visible by my family, friends and family, contacts, or everyone. This will make Flickr the one stop shop for everyone.

The photos you can access here on are only the photos I have marked as public. If you are a friend or a family member you can create your own Flickr account and access all of my pictures.

Hope everyone enjoys the upgrade and I’ll try to post more soon 🙂

UPDATE 06/10/09: This is how the site looked after the redesign. The site featured a Facebook button and Flickr thumbnail. The site structure was very similar to the current structure but was based on the Joomla! CMS.

Tim Alatorre Online as of Oct 28, 2007

Tim Alatorre Online as of Oct 28, 2007