Team in Training 2007

Crystal is getting ready to do another event with Team in Training this year. The hardest and most rewarding part of working with Team in Training is raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. In 2005 Crystal raised over $2600 and did the Strawberry Fields Triathlon in Oxnard, Ca. This year she will be running the Nike Woman’s Marathon on October 21st in San Francisco, Ca and has set a goal to raise $2,500.
The hardest part of raising the money is writing a letter to friends and family asking for donations. These letters will be mailed out this weekend. Below is our first draft of our letter which fortunately won’t be mailed. If you would like to help Crystal reach her goal or check her progress you can go to

Diet Snapple.
How are you? The dog farted. Tim and I are doing turquoise. We moved to
the bay area last August for Tim’s work. We are living in Walnut
Creek, Tim likes his job and I am going to school up here, and I
applied to the dental hygiene program soon and my dog’s still
alive and he’s cute and he’s my baby. Please send me money for my psychiatric treatments. So you think you can dance? That’s my
favorite show.

big nose blow and a laugh,