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Getting ready for the CAED job fair at Cal Poly tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll see all of my Arch friends there! I’ll be at the FCGA booth between 9am and 1pm

why doesn’t Tiffany like I don’t get it. Oh well.

What a great weekend! Now back to work!

It’s raining!

Gov. Romney Speaks At CPAC 2008

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Washington, D.C.

Working on the new and improved!

Thinking of McCain as president sends a cold chill down my spine.He is erratic,hotheaded,loses his temper,he worries me.”-Sen.Thad Cochr …

in a few hours we will know if conservatism is dead. Vote Romney!

I’m really worried….things are not looking too good. A miracle would be nice about now.

Is McCain Abel

Micheal Savage asked a very important question on his nationally syndicated radio broadcast this last Wednesday, is McCain Abel?

McCain at the GOP Convention

John McCain at the GOP Convention

Is he able to unify the party to win the white house, is he able to secure our borders, is he able to undo years of backstabing conservatives?