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I love church : )

Posted originally: 06/29/2008

I think weekends smell better

Posted originally: 06/28/2008

Just got back from 3 hours of softball! Time for a nap!

Congratulations Mimi and Matt!!!

I’m a bit disappointed in SYTYCD…. I wait all week and the only two performances were any good

Posted originally: 06/19/2008

I’m grateful that I have a wife who is cleaning the house : ) Thanks Crystal!!!!!!

Posted originally: 06/19/2008

I just got bumped from a LEED meeting…. dang you MS! dang you!

I feel like a design monkey

Bush gathers support of European leaders –

Bush gathers support of European leaders –
“America Alone”? It’s looking like the tide is turning. Whoever ends up in the White House next January, at least we know that Bush has left us some allies across the pond.

Watching “So You Think You Can Dance”