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Celeb (via JohnMcCaindotcom) So true, so true. The media and 40 something percent of the country are so caught up in the celebrity of Obama they havn’t taken the time to really think about what his proposals are going to mean to our country.

just won a softball game! Yeah!

Posted originally: 07/21/2008

back home after an AMAZING concert by Lani Misalucha!!

Posted originally: 07/20/2008

We get to teach primary today!

at the oakland temple

Posted originally: 07/20/2008

Having fun taking AREs today. 1 down 1 to go…for today that is

Posted originally: 07/19/2008

Feeling pretty good. I either passed or failed misserably. ill know in a couple weeks

Posted originally: 07/19/2008

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