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Rainy and cold in Cali tonight. Hello Autumn!

A great video:

5 days

Just 2 1/2 days left in October! Where did this month go?

Had a great turnout for our Prop 8 activity tonight. People from 4 wards and 1 parish. YES to Family, YES to Freedom, YES on 8!

Have you ever noticed how, you start, but. Elephants! It’s an elephant. I, you, WE all like to sometimes, I think that’s what the issue is.

I have Coldplay stuck in my head. Not the band, just their songs.

Keeping Marriage True: Rebuttal to Thurston’s "Commentary"

Keeping Marriage True: Rebuttal to Thurston’s “Commentary”
This is a great legal look at the concequences of voting no on Prop 8. Yes on 8!!

@urgan I love the Madonna Inn’s food. It’s sooo good. I’m jealous

Tivo with Amazon Unbox is a great combination, and now that they figured out the “watch while you download” thing, its so much better!