The Morning After

Barack ObamaI’m not usually at a loss for words but today might be a rare exception… well, maybe not. To be honest the events of yesterdays election and the two year campaign running up to it have left me unexpectedly dazed.

Two years ago if you had told me that our next president would be a pro-abortion, anti-military, socialist I would have said “sure, could happen, after 8 years of uncontrolled Bush hating how can a conservative win?”

If you had told me that this person had spent his youth smoking pot and hanging around with anarchists, spent 20 years in a black power, hate America church, had a wife who had never been proud of America until the day her husband started running for president, and had land deals and associations with crooks and unrepentant domestic terrorists, I would have said, “sounds like a stretch, no way he’d get the nomination.”

Had you then told me that the major US television news networks and newspapers would unapologetically praise this candidate at every opportunity, suppress any story that was negative while making even the mildest of controversies of his opponent into hour long specials, that they would refuse to do any investigative journalism into his past or present affiliations yet would demonize even his opponent’s supporters, I would have said, “you’ve been reading too many George Orwell novels, sure the US media is biased but they still have some professional decency.”

Here we are the morning after and surprisingly all of that came true. My only consolation is that we are in 2008 and not in 2004. Yes, we still are at war, but I am very grateful that George W. Bush led us to victory in Iraq. I can only imagine what might have happened had John Kerry won four years ago and we had not stayed the course. I look back at what I was thinking prior to the 2004 election and I still feel that four years ago we were at a very crucial point in our history. Today, I don’t feel that we are in the same state of peril that we were four years ago. Al-Qaida has been decimated and scattered, their training camps have been obliterated and they have seen resounding defeat in their primary objective, winning in Iraq. We are much safer than we were four years ago, conservative heads of state are now seated in Great Britain, France, Germany, and Canada, and if the US takes a four year break from fighting the war on terror they will hopefully pick up the slack, right?

Now we face a repeat of 1976. The country has rebuked the former republican administration. Like Gerald Ford, John McCain has been made scape goat for his predecessor. Barack Obama is the Jimmy Carter of my generation, the long awaited savior from the corruption of the republican machine. Just like in ’76 the main stream media picked their candidate and gave him the key to the White House. The real question is, what happens from here?

So this is where I get to make my predictions for the next four years. Given that Obama is the most liberal president we’ve had since Carter I see his administration faring much the same way. As Obama and his majority controlled congress push through their agenda I see inflation and an immediate decline in the overall state of the economy. Energy shortages will soon follow as Obama seeks to bankrupt the coal industry and force the nation off our oil addiction. I’m sure the international crisis that Biden promised will occur in the early part of 2009, probably Russia invading another small country, or Iran flexing it’s muscles. Obama will most likely respond with a weak statement or a plea to the U.N. Maybe a missile strike or two, but he will be actively engaged in reducing the military and won’t want to overextend our resources. I predict a number of speeches, failed diplomacy, an attempt at nationalizing health care, and a lot of fun sound bites from Joe Biden.

2012? Like with Carter, I see the country waking up and refusing Obama a second term. Then again, my good friend Dan (a big Obama fan) might have it right. The world will be ending in 2012 so we better live it up these next four years! Let the good times roll, but please Mr. Obama, I really want that “tax cut” you promised me.