Something you Never See

So I was returning home at 3am this morning after a Halo3 party with a bunch of friends, and as I was turning the corner onto Sharene Lane from Sierra Drive I noticed a huge geyser of water.  Someone had hit the fire hydrant.

The streets were empty but I noticed two tire tracks leading down Sharene Lane.  I followed the tracks to the end of the cul-de-sac where they veered off into the Greenwood Condominiums parking lot.  I turned my truck around and headed back to the hydrant to call the police.  As I arrived at the hydrant two of the neighbors came out and said they had just called 911.  They asked if I had seen what happened, I had just missed the hit and run by probably seconds.

The police arrived and he asked me the same question but I directed him to the trail, which was now a trail of only radiator fluid as the water had evaporated.  I parked my car, I went and woke up Crystal and watched as the fire department tried to turn of the hydrant.

After about 15 minutes they finally succeeded.  The police had found the car and we went to take pictures of it.  It made for a very exciting start of the day.

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