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@ryanjkirk call me crazy but I’ve been wanting an iPod touch with a larger screen and bluetooth keyboard for a long time

@ryanjkirk the iPad does have 3G and we’ll see about VOIP, but I agree Apple is being really stuborn about Flash support

RT @Lileks Reading anti-Apple comments; some people’s concept of “mobile computing” apparently stopped at dragging a Univac around on a sled

So I was wanting a Nexus 1, but maybe now I get the iPad with Skype and myFi and just tatoo geek on my forehead?

Engadget has a great live blog and recap of the Apple announcement:

The iPad is like an iPod touch just much, much bigger

Apple has announced the iPad… basically it’s Penny’s computer book from Inspector Gadget!

@comcastdoug thanks for the offer but everything seems to be working now!

Recording now theStudio episode 5 at