An open letter to my friends to discuss some unpleasant news…

Dear Friends,

In this age of hyper-connectivity it’s much easier to shout out the good news on Twitter and Facebook than the bad. Sometimes in life we might actually physically mail something to our friends, a wedding and birth announcement, or maybe an invitation to a graduation. Unfortunately there really isn’t a good way to announce what I am about to say:

Crystal and I have been separated for quite some time and our divorce will be final later this year.

I had hoped to tell all of you individually or at most that you would learn about it on your own, but I’ve realized that both of those options are unrealistic. Neither Crystal nor I have made any public announcements but I feel it’s only fair to you that you find out sooner than later. I’m sorry you had to find out this way. Trust me, I wish the situation were different, but I really want to save you from making any more potentially embarrassing and awkward comments online. 🙂

Besides this one mention I won’t be talking any more about this and it’s not something I wish to discuss publicly.  Please don’t comment on Facebook about this and don’t like the link to this post! I realize that now that I’ve said this one of you will! 🙂 Private messages, emails, and gift baskets are always welcome.

Thank you for the love and support you have shown us both over the years. Crystal and I are taking separate paths in our lives and I realize that this may change the dynamic of the relationship I have with some of you. She and I are on relatively good terms given the circumstances and I wish her all the happiness life can offer.

Thank you for your friendship,


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