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I like the smell of Kiwi and why you shouldn’t care:

Where did Tim go?

For the last week and a half I have been on a Social Media fast.  If you’ve visited my Facebook page at all in the last week you would have been greeted with a page without the Facebook wall, no status updates, only a handful of profile pictures and very basic information.  I deleted all of my pictures and notes from the last 6 years I’ve been using Facebook and I just stopped short of deleting my profile entirely.  If you went to my Foursquare account you wouldn’t have seen any check-ins.  If you follow me on Twitter you would have noticed an absence of tweets or retweets.  Why did I leave and why am I coming back?



Lil Buck and Yo-Yo Ma, amazing:

Oracle gives up on OpenOffice after community forks the project

RT @ryanjkirk: “It is 10 times more secure to use ‘this is fun’ as your password, than ‘J4fS<2’.

In the eight days preceding the $38.5 billion deficit reduction deal the national debt of the USA increased $54 billion

RT @adamcurry: Non Sequitur Comic on tweeting.

Really funny and ironic url redirect:, #ITM

To understand the U.S. federal budget, divide by 100,000,000 – Boing Boing

@inmotionhosting West coast datacenter seems to be up and running again, thanks