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Whatever you think about him, what @glennbeck is doing with is groundbreaking. @ConanOBrien should have done this instead of TBS.

“Everyone likes to think that they live in historical times. As it so happens, we do.”

If “you are what you eat” and you should “just be yourself” then the logical conclusion is that I should be eating myself??

Strangers on the street ask me for directions about once a week in Danville. Is my above average sense of direction that obvious?

I’m glad you are still alive. RT @SteveMartinToGo: This just in:

Fun TED talk by @donttrythis of #Mythbusters fame.

It’s official, the lease is signed. I’m moving back to Walnut Creek next month.

This man ( can fly in woman’s underwear but this man ( is arrested for saggy pants. #racism

Happy Flag Day!

I asked for it, the deluge of email has arrived.