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I’m a sucker for historical tax rate date.Shared from Nicholas Leone: So interesting…

If you are a fan of CalPoly architecture and/or theStudio, sloArch is now on G+!

We will be playing here next week.

Good job + Mitt Romney !

I thought I knew how to identify ATM skimmers but some of these examples are incredibly convincing.

Ouch: Newt Gingrich: Serial Hypocrisy #NewtGingrich #RonPaul

Shared from Moon: An Airplane in Front of the Moon

I’m so excited to see a new SimCity! As a kid this was the first game I ever really wanted…

I don’t always use Twitter, but when I do it’s to shamelessly promote myself and my friends. @Scan

I’ve been playing with @Scan, great app. They are giving away iOS and Android stuff to celebrate being on Shark Tank