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Why I am Voting for President Bush

With Election Day just a few weeks away I feel it important that the world know why I will be voting for President George W. Bush’s reelection. I hope that as you read that you keep an open mind. This election and its issues have been the most polarizing that I have seen in my short life of a quarter century, and I feel it important that I add my voice to those supporting our great President.

I say “great” and I mean that. I was in Europe at the time of the 2000 election and I missed all of the campaign fuss, the confusion in Florida, and my first memory of hearing about George W. Bush was in a Spanish newspaper saying that days after the Presidential election neither he nor Al Gore had been decided victor. My biggest political concern then was that the US was making a fool of it’s self to the world. I mention this only because my opinion of President Bush has been formed entirely during the term of his presidency. I have no personal experience with his past or what the media portrayed of him prior to his election.