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A Glimmer of Hope

As the war on terrorism drags on and the bodies of the valient defenders of freedom return home in flag drapped coffins it’s easy to loose sight of the far reaching significance of this conflict. Whatever your beliefs are in regards to the reasons we entered this war, we are in it and we are now faced with the reality of it. With all of our comforts and our hecktic busy days it’s easy to forget those sacrificing and those struggling to gain and maintain those coforts we take for granted.

Once in a while it is beneficial to remind ourselves of out successes and the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and the subsequent intelligence recieved, the succesfull elections and formation of a fully elected Iraqi government, the strenghtening Iraqi National Guard, and the progressing unification of the Iraqi people are all signs of the beggining of the end of the conflict in Iraq.

The war against terror and the broader struggle against vilionce worldwide is far from over. The recent wave of bombings in Tailand is a stark reminder of how bruttal man can be, however without celebrating the small victories we will never have the courage to win.

In any conflict, weather it be chess or war it is always an incredible advantage to know the motivations of your challanger. In the case of Al-Qaida we have recently obtained a detailed and revelatory document that lays out it’s plan in Iraq and in the greater conflict in the Middle East. It was published by the Associated Press and I have reprinted it below.


A World United

This morning our friends in England were abruptly reminded of the dark reality of our world. As they rushed on there way to work we read reports that at least six bombs were detonated in the subway and busses of London. Al Qaida has already claimed responsibility and this latest attack reminds us that the war is not won. (more…)