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Announcing a New Architecture Firm

Dear friends,

I am happy to announce that beginning next week (April 9th) I will be joining with de Jesus Architects as a Principal Architect and partner.

de Jesus Architects was founded in 2008 by Conrad de Jesus, AIA, LEED AP, and has earned a reputation of providing unmatched quality with a nimble and flexible business approach that has helped a wide variety of clients complete outstanding projects in the midst of a rapidly changing economic climate.

Together, Conrad and I have over three decades of combined architectural experience and will continue to provide a full range of architectural services including: Program Development, Feasibility Studies, As-Built Drawings, Design and Entitlement services, Construction Documentation, Contract Administration, Green Design, ADA Accessibility Compliance reviews, and 3d visualization. We can assist you through traditional, design/build, and integrated (IPD) project delivery.

As a principal architect I will be able to provide you with more personalized service tailored to your specific needs and challenges; regardless of the size of your project, your budget or your schedule.

Conrad and I are excited to enhance the service offerings of de Jesus Architects and build a twenty-first century architecture firm utilizing the latest in technology and cutting edge business practices. In addition to traditional compensation methods we offer a variety of payment and client/architect partnership options.

As we finalize the details of the partnership the firm will continue working under the same name. I look forward to working with you in this new role.


Tim Alatorre
Architect, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Why the Architecture Profession Must Die

Venezia 2004, via Wikipedia

My phone begins to ring, I lean over to see who’s calling, it’s my business partner calling from New York.  It must be two o’clock in the morning for her.  I hop out of bed, grab my phone and laptop and walk out onto the terrace overlooking the canals of Venice in Northern Italy.

Her excited voice comes over the line, “I can’t sleep, I have a great idea on how to improve the natural lighting scheme in the lobby and atrium!”

From my laptop I remotely connect to her computer and I watch as she goes over the design with me.  We conference in our third partner in California and by 9am local time the design solution has been agreed upon.  We forward our markups to the production team in India and by the end of the day we all receive an email saying the design renderings and animations are ready for final review.

For the last eight weeks the three of us have been able to dedicate all of our time to this design competition, it has been the highlight of our careers.  For the last two months I have been living in Italy, enjoying the weather and gaining inspiration from the works of Carlo Scarpa scattered throughout the city.

If we win the competition we will be busy for the next two years in the production and construction of this building.  If we don’t win we’re going to all move to Ecuador for the next year and volunteer our time with Architecture for Humanity.

This is the future of architecture. The framework for a distributed global project team isn’t new.  Technologies like remote desktop software and high-speed internet connections allow project teams to work anywhere in the world.

What may be new to some is the idea that the Architect doesn’t need a mountain of paying clients to support themselves.  How can my project team devote two months to work only on a design competition and then turn around and expect to continue to work for free for the next year?  Did we just finish a string of highly profitable projects that have padded our bank accounts?  Maybe, but we didn’t need the work.  Did we win the lottery?  No.


Going into a Target Greatland for the first time..this place is huge!

I love buildings, is that strange?

@ryanjkirk Good idea, nothing says “Future Architect” like a speedo!

Figuring out what to wear to the CSE on Monday. Is a suit too formal? Maybe a swimsuit?

Studying for the CSE exam… 17 days and counting

Got my letter from the CAB today. Im taking my oral exam at 8am on March 15th! One more month to study…

Someone stole my debit card info and withdrew $1500 at three ATM’s in Elk Grove and San Fran this am! Oh, and I got laid off again today.

Big changes to over the next couple weeks ( Cal Poly Arch students and alum should be very interested!