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Back at Cal Poly for round two of the Chumash show and to get some more stock video footage for future projects

I love Cal Poly!! It’s good to be home

Coalesce and Graduate

My Project in Chumash AuditoriumSchool is finally coming to an end. This weekend Cal Poly is hosting the second annual 5th year architecture show in the Chumash auditorium in the University Union. Yesterday Crystal, my parents, Michelle, Rick, Lucas, Lauren, Peter and my boss Gary all attended the official opening.

Visit the official web site of the show for more information about Coalesce. The show runs through tomorrow evening.

The City Needs to Rethink Their Solution

Today, although a bit rainy, is the first day of Poly Gras. A response to the heavy handed police shut down of the San Luis Obispo’s Mardi Gras celebration last week. It’s been a low murmur around campus this week that the big party is this weekend, but it seems like the hype is going to be a lot bigger than the actual event. I was surprised to hear a radio DJ promote Poly Gras and the news media have been having a lot of fun speculating on what will happen. In fact KSBY 6 has a news team on the streets tonight to get the scoop on the big party. According to the official Poly Gras website,, the main party will be tomorrow night.

I’ve been absent from the college party scene so far, I mean, I’ve only been in college for 5 years! However, I have seen enough in my time here to know that the average college student thinks getting wasted and parting hard is a normal part of college life. I disagree, but I think that the average student adopts this mantra. (more…)