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Rudy vs Hillary

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With the tide turning in Iraq and some improvements being made the behavior of the Democrats on capital hill this last week has absolutely discusseted me. Sure, disagree with the war, request that we pull out or any other crazy idea that you may have; but when we see signs of progress, when we see things moving in the right direction, when we hear that our brave men and woman of the military can start coming home, can’t we all celebrate together as Americans? Why must, and the Democrat Senators call into question the integrity of a highly decorated soldier who is risking his life everyday for us? Let’s all celebrate the good news coming out of Iraq this week and pray that it continues and that we can have all of our brave soldiers home soon.

Path to 911

Cartoon by  Paul Nowak:

Cartoon by Paul Nowak:

Well, I hate partisan politics…. honestly, I do! However, those loony democrates are up to there old tricks.

ABC is planning to release a docu-drama miniseris this Sunday and Monday at 8pm to mark the 5th year aniversary of 911. The miniseries is two parts and reportedly will be aired without commercial interruption. The movie is titled “The Path to 911” and cronicles the events leading up to the 911 terrorist attacks beginning with the 1993 bombings of the World Trade Center.

From what I have read from the movie reviews that film is based on the 911 commision report, interviews with CIA and FBI agents, among other first hand experiences. The film is said to be as accurate a protrayal of the events of the 8 years leading up to 911 that paints both the Clinton and Bush administrations in a bad light. I think most of us before 911 had little concern about terrorism nor thought it a serious threat, and that appathy exibited itself, for better or worse, in our politians as well. I have no problem with that, it is afterall the electorate that pushes policy, if there is anyone to blame it is the American people. Granted, our Presidents are charged with the duty of protecting us and should carry some of the blame, but it takes a strong, or stupid person, to go against the will of the people.

Why am I ranting about this you may ask? Well, old Bill and Hillary Clinton and there cronies in the US Senate and other places are fighting with all there might of intimidation and pressure for ABC to pull this “docu-drama.” I wonder what they are so anxious to hide?