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Top Ten Lessons Learned From Bachelorhood

UPDATE: 06/12/11 with some new insights from the last 4 months.

I’ve never lived alone. I’ve always had a family, roommate, or missionary companion.  As such I’ve also enjoyed certain perks and luxuries. For example:  silverware, dishes, and company on Sunday mornings.  During the years I was married my ex and I accumulated all the essentials. We had every kitchen gadget imaginable and our refrigerator and pantry were well stocked.   When we divorced I wanted to simplify my life and so I let her have everything.  I took my clothes, a towel, our spare bed, my keyboard, guitar, and all my electronics.  My thinking at the time was that I wanted everything I owned to fit in my truck.

For the first time in my thirty years on this planet I’m living on my own and can finally relate with some of the odd things my friend Peter has done for years.

The following are my top ten bachelor tips and tricks.