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Saddam Hussein WAS a threat to US

A report by Charles A. Duelfer, head of the CIA’s Iraq Survey Group weapons-hunting teams was released this week. The major focus by media and Democrats has been to reinforce John Kerry’s position of “Wrong war, wrong place, wrong time.” The main point of the report, according to them, is that Iraq has not been making WMD since 1991. This morning however, I heard on The Today Show from Charles Duelfer who said that large portions of the report come from Saddam’s interrogation. Can he really be trusted? Also, an article from the British news site concludes from the same report that “Saddam would have indeed built up his capabilities, built up his strength and posed an even greater threat to the people of Iraq and the people of the region than before.”

A belief that American’s rarely question is that “if you want it enough, anything is possible.” Saddam did want to make WMD and was an “even starker” threat than we thought because of his intense motivation. Another part of the report shows that Saddam was actually buying off members of the UN through the oil for food program and was counting on France and others to veto the US if we ever pressed to go to war against Iraq. This reinforces the notion that John Kerry’s Iraq policy of letting the UN do it’s inspections wouldn’t have worked since these countries were in the hands of Saddam.

George Bush is accused of going to war for oil, but it turns out that the allies that John Kerry wants so badly were getting oil for not going to war while Saddam was lining his pockets with their gold.

Stop the Violence

3 year old Sophia Parlock cries after her Bush-Cheney sign was torn up by Kerry-Edwards supporters.

3 year old Sophia Parlock cries after her Bush-Cheney sign was torn up by Kerry-Edwards supporters.

What is happening to our country. When did we loose the freedom of speech? This picture is of three-year-old Sophia Parlock who showed up with her father, Phil, at the Tri-State Airport in Huntington, W.Va. today. They showed up to see John Edwards as he made a brief stop to conclude his 2 day bus tour. Sounds okay, right? Well, it was until her dad gave her a Bush-Cheney sign. Even that shouldn’t be a problem in the country where free speech is obsessed over and where even pornography has been granted free speech protection. But some obsessed, angry, Kerry-Edwards supporter took it upon himself to teach this little girl about free speech in America by tearing up her sign!

I don’t understand the anger on the other side of the political spectrum. I don’t remember any protestors breaking into Democratic National Convention and shouting durring Kerry’s speach! Yet, how many protesters did we see breaking into the Republican National Cconvention? Not to mention the protestors on the streets. Did they really convince anyone to vote for Kerry by breaking laws or spraying urine on Bush supporters with squirt guns? I don’t think so. I don’t object to the supporters of Kerry, or those against Bush voicing their opinions; but I want to be able to voice my support for Bush without fearing for my safety, having my car keyed, or having my sign torn up.