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Why do LDS Missionaries all have the same first name?

They don’t! On our nametags we all have the title Elder or Sister. The title is given while we our on missions because of our sacred calling to be ambassadors of Christ.

Isn’t it hard for LDS Missionaries to be away from their family for two years?

Of course it is. I think the degree of difficulty varies for every missionary and varies as time goes by. For me there were certain times that were harder that others but in general I was so busy that family and home are not big concerns.

Do LDS missionaries receive any monetary compensation?

No. The rewards of serving a mission are great, but, not to sound overly cliché, they are not of this world.

Do LDS missionaries receive a position of status?

No. After completing
a mission for the church the missionary continues being a member
of the church but does not receive any special position within


Do LDS missionaries receive a salary?

No. They pay for all
of their expenses. There are many cases where it is not possible
for a missionary to pay for the entire two years, so family,
friends, and the congregation from the missionary’s hometown
will help.


How old must you be to become an LDS missionary?

Missionaries are generally between the ages of 19-25 for boys and 21-25 for girls. There are older adults who serve missions and the only limit on their ability to serve is their health.

For how long do LDS missionaries serve?

Missionaries serve on average for a period of 18 months for girls, and 24 months for boys.