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“Did the Pilgrims on the Mayflower sit around Plymouth Rock waiting for a return trip? They came here…”

“Did the Pilgrims on the Mayflower sit around Plymouth Rock waiting for a return trip? They came here to settle. And that’s what we should be doing on Mars. When you go to Mars, you need to have made the decision that you’re there permanently. The more people we have there, the more it can become a sustaining environment. – Buzz Aldrin”

Buzz Aldrin Is Not All That Impressed With Walking on the Moon | Little Gold Men | Vanity Fair

Borders, Language and Culture

IMG_0303Michael Savage, the outspoken and often controversial radio commentator often speaks on his program of preserving our countries Borders, Language, and Culture.  Borders are maintained by our military, language is preserved by our school system, but what of culture?  How is that maintained?

I say, it isn’t.

A friend of mine, Tiffany, whom I have mentioned previously (11/04, 02/08, 11/0812/08 ), posted a cute article on her blog yesterday. “Occasionally SPAM is Worth It“.  In this article she attached a SPAM email she received.  As is typical with SPAM mail this email has no author or source, it just randomly appeared.  According to Google the list of items in the email already appears on over 11,000 blogs, and has received many comments from people on how much they relate to this list.

What strikes me as interesting is how the list highlights how similar we are as a society.  This list, in some way defines the culture of my generation.  It’s small everyday things like driving in rush hour traffic, using Facebook, having awkward conversations, and doing laundry that gives us commonality and sense of belonging to a culture.  If you were to go to rural China most of the things on this list would be completely foreign. (more…)

Still the Best Country

20040914-americaI was recently asked, “Is the United States still the best country to
live in or should we all move to Canada?” My initial reaction was that
Canada is too cold, but after more thought I’ve decided to outline some of the reasons why
I still think the United States of America is the best country in the

Now, anytime you make a statement comparing one thing to another the only definitive way to decide which is better is to first determine the areas of comparison and define priorities. For example, recently a client of mine asked whether one window manufacturer was better than another. That is a nearly impossible question to answer. Are we talking about price, thermal resistance, light transmission, aesthetics, construction quality, environmental friendliness? The list goes on and on. Both manufacturers excel in different areas, so how do you rate one above the other? It is necessary to prioritize and give specific weights to the different criteria. In the case of the windows, my client valued aesthetics and construction quality over other criteria, but another client might place more value on a window made of recycled materials with a high insulation value. It’s important to note that my view of the United States is highly subjective. I lived in Europe for a couple years, and have traveled on a limited basis in North America, the rest of my world view comes from reading, and speaking with others who have traveled.

So, why do I still love the United States? (more…)

A World United

This morning our friends in England were abruptly reminded of the dark reality of our world. As they rushed on there way to work we read reports that at least six bombs were detonated in the subway and busses of London. Al Qaida has already claimed responsibility and this latest attack reminds us that the war is not won. (more…)

Lest We Should Forget

The following is an email that I received today from a good friend of mine. I think that it’s important for us all to read…

God Bless America

God Bless America

September 11th :3 years later I didn’t even realize that today was going to mark three years since a tremendous tragedy, until yesterday, and that made me feel so ashamed. I think back to 3 years ago and the pain, loss and tragedy that happened in our country. I think back to 2 years ago and the prayers and remembrances. And even last year, there was a beautiful memorial, telecasted all day long.

Yesterday I wrote the date on the top of my notes for class: 10 Sept 2004… and that was the first time I realized what day it was soon going to be. I was so embarrassed when I realized that I called myself a patriot, and had almost forgotten the day that caused me to turn to that portion of my heart. I felt selfish as I watched a report on the children in Beslan, Russia… over 300… dead…. and hardly anyone seems to care.

I wonder if patriotism can extend beyond a love for our country and become a love for all mankind. I found myself wanting to tell the Russian man featured on a small, seemingly insignificant, CNN report, who had lost his three children and his wife recently in the explosion of a school that it will be okay. “I’m sure you think it will,” he might say. “When it happened to you, everyone actually cared.” In remembrance of what happened to us, let’s pull outside of ourselves… just this once.

A child in Calcuta, India, prays for the release of the children in Russia.

A child in Calcuta, India, prays for the release of the children in Russia.

Yes, a terrible thing happened to us, and we wailed and gnashed our teeth. Why, when it happens to others, do we not expect ourselves to care the way we expected to be cared about? Just a thought… God bless America…. God bless all mankind. God bless us to use His blessing to serve our brothers and sisters everywhere.

That is my prayer on this day : 3 years later. Find a new meaning to patriotism.