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“Did the Pilgrims on the Mayflower sit around Plymouth Rock waiting for a return trip? They came here…”

“Did the Pilgrims on the Mayflower sit around Plymouth Rock waiting for a return trip? They came here to settle. And that’s what we should be doing on Mars. When you go to Mars, you need to have made the decision that you’re there permanently. The more people we have there, the more it can become a sustaining environment. – Buzz Aldrin”

Buzz Aldrin Is Not All That Impressed With Walking on the Moon | Little Gold Men | Vanity Fair

The Morning After

Barack ObamaI’m not usually at a loss for words but today might be a rare exception… well, maybe not. To be honest the events of yesterdays election and the two year campaign running up to it have left me unexpectedly dazed.

Two years ago if you had told me that our next president would be a pro-abortion, anti-military, socialist I would have said “sure, could happen, after 8 years of uncontrolled Bush hating how can a conservative win?”

If you had told me that this person had spent his youth smoking pot and hanging around with anarchists, spent 20 years in a black power, hate America church, had a wife who had never been proud of America until the day her husband started running for president, and had land deals and associations with crooks and unrepentant domestic terrorists, I would have said, “sounds like a stretch, no way he’d get the nomination.”

Had you then told me that the major US television news networks and newspapers would unapologetically praise this candidate at every opportunity, suppress any story that was negative while making even the mildest of controversies of his opponent into hour long specials, that they would refuse to do any investigative journalism into his past or present affiliations yet would demonize even his opponent’s supporters, I would have said, “you’ve been reading too many George Orwell novels, sure the US media is biased but they still have some professional decency.”


Facebook and Politics

Facebook DuelI love Facebook. I have been able to connect with so many past acquaintances and friends it is amazing. What I love most about Facebook is the ability for me to share my life with my friends in a way that I have never been able to before. I see a window into their experiences and beliefs, and they into mine. Lately I have had a number of really good discussion with some of my friends, for those who are not in on the Facebook scene, I thought I’d re-post some of them here.


Prop 8 in Plain English


By The Numbers: Obama and Palin vs the last 100 years – Experience Table

My Scoring:
Points (per year) Category
+3 Vice Presidency
+2 Executive position
3 Federal Government
2 State Government
1 Local Government
1 Year served in Military


By The Numbers: Obama and Palin vs the last 100 years

Sarah Palin addresses the Republican National Convention.  Sept. 3rd, 2008

Sarah Palin addresses the Republican National Convention. Sept. 3rd, 2008

With all of the talk of experience these last few days on the internet and in the media I was prompted to start a little research project. Mayor Rudi Guliani tonight at the Republican National Convention stated that Barak Obama would be the most inexperienced U.S. president in at least the last 100 years. Well, I did a little math and it turns out that he was close to being right. As for Governor Palin, I don’t know how you can argue she was not a smart pick after her speech tonight, but for those doubters out there how does she match up to history?

Well, out of 37 Presidents and Vice Presidents of the last 100 years Governor Palin’s experience level upon entering office ranks 26th, and Barak Obama ranks 34th. But wait, Sarah Palin isn’t running for president so that’s not a fair comparison.

Of the 17 U.S. presidents in the last 100 years and the current 2 nominees, Barak ranks 18th, with Woodrow Wilson in the 19th position; and even arguing that Woodrow Wilson is less experienced is a stretch. In 1913 when he was elected, Wilson’s political experience was as a one term Governor of New Jersey after having served as president of Princeton University for 8 years. That in itself is pretty impressive. And how about John McCain? To my great surprise, he ranks FIRST! Yup, the candidate for President with the most experience in the last 100 years!

Now to be fair what does the Palin/Biden match up look like? Well of the 20 U.S. Vice Presidents in the last 100 years and the current 2 nominees, Sarah Palin ranks 15th out of 22 and Joe Biden ranks an impressive 3rd!

So how did I arrive at these conclusions? Well before I tell you that, here are some fun stats:


Sarah Palin Addresses the RNC. Sept. 9th 08


Remarks by the Presumptive Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin to the 2008 Republican National Convention

Betrayal and Hope

the_familyAn article appeared in the Contra Costa Times last Thursday that sparked a wave of controversy and emotion. The article tried to make the point that the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints “leadership’s sway over the issue of homosexuality may be weakening” and that there is a significant group of church members who are standing up to speak out against President Monson and his call to support the November ballot measure. After a variety of comments in church meetings today I decided to republish the article here (click read more) as well as the forum comments that resulted from the article (following the page break). I use the handle sloarch07 in the comments.

I want to encourage my friends and family who support and sustain (or merely agree with) President Monson to speak out and be a voice in defense of marriage online, at school, and in the workplace. If we don’t speak out who will? Please do what you can for this important effort.

Feel free to use some of the comments I made as inspiration to post on other online forums or in speaking with your friends. I don’t purport to have all the answers but hopefully I will inspire you to speak boldly and with love. I also would encourage you to read President Monson’s Letter and remember that this is an assignment given to us from a Prophet of God.

Thank you for your faith. (more…)

The Expansion of Judicial Power

Gay MarriageAlthough I am troubled by today’s California Supreme Court ruling, overturning proposition 22, overwhelmingly adopted by the California People in 2000, I am more troubled by the fact that our judiciary, once again, has turned farther from it’s role as interpreters of law and instead has blatantly added to law and thus ruling as a benevolent dictator, taking on the role of the legislature, and undermining the basic principle of a republic, the right of the people to rule themselves. The 4 to 3 vote by 7 unelected justices has now declared law for over 30,000,000 Californian citizens.

Justice Baxter, one of the thee dissenting votes, eloquently expresses my own thoughts in his opinion. His opinion is partially concurring and partially dissenting majority of four justices.

“Only one other American state recognizes the right the majority announces today. So far, Congress, and virtually every court to consider the issue, has rejected it. Nothing in our Constitution, express or implicit, compels the majority’s startling conclusion that the age-old understanding of marriage —an understanding recently confirmed by an initiative law — is no longer valid. California statutes already recognize same-sex unions and grant them all the substantive legal rights this state can bestow. If there is to be a further sea change in the social and legal understanding of marriage itself, that evolution should occur by similar democratic means. The majority forecloses this ordinary democratic process, and, in doing so, oversteps its authority….

“But a bare majority of this court, not satisfied with the pace of democratic change, now abruptly forestalls that process and substitutes, by judicial fiat, its own social policy views for those expressed by the People themselves. Undeterred by the strong weight of state and federal law and authority, the majority invents a new constitutional right, immune from the ordinary process of legislative consideration. The majority finds that our Constitution suddenly demands no less than a permanent redefinition of marriage, regardless of the popular will….


Gov. Romney Speaks At CPAC 2008

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Washington, D.C.