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By The Numbers: Obama and Palin vs the last 100 years – Experience Table

My Scoring:
Points (per year) Category
+3 Vice Presidency
+2 Executive position
3 Federal Government
2 State Government
1 Local Government
1 Year served in Military


By The Numbers: Obama and Palin vs the last 100 years

Sarah Palin addresses the Republican National Convention.  Sept. 3rd, 2008

Sarah Palin addresses the Republican National Convention. Sept. 3rd, 2008

With all of the talk of experience these last few days on the internet and in the media I was prompted to start a little research project. Mayor Rudi Guliani tonight at the Republican National Convention stated that Barak Obama would be the most inexperienced U.S. president in at least the last 100 years. Well, I did a little math and it turns out that he was close to being right. As for Governor Palin, I don’t know how you can argue she was not a smart pick after her speech tonight, but for those doubters out there how does she match up to history?

Well, out of 37 Presidents and Vice Presidents of the last 100 years Governor Palin’s experience level upon entering office ranks 26th, and Barak Obama ranks 34th. But wait, Sarah Palin isn’t running for president so that’s not a fair comparison.

Of the 17 U.S. presidents in the last 100 years and the current 2 nominees, Barak ranks 18th, with Woodrow Wilson in the 19th position; and even arguing that Woodrow Wilson is less experienced is a stretch. In 1913 when he was elected, Wilson’s political experience was as a one term Governor of New Jersey after having served as president of Princeton University for 8 years. That in itself is pretty impressive. And how about John McCain? To my great surprise, he ranks FIRST! Yup, the candidate for President with the most experience in the last 100 years!

Now to be fair what does the Palin/Biden match up look like? Well of the 20 U.S. Vice Presidents in the last 100 years and the current 2 nominees, Sarah Palin ranks 15th out of 22 and Joe Biden ranks an impressive 3rd!

So how did I arrive at these conclusions? Well before I tell you that, here are some fun stats:


Still the Best Country

20040914-americaI was recently asked, “Is the United States still the best country to
live in or should we all move to Canada?” My initial reaction was that
Canada is too cold, but after more thought I’ve decided to outline some of the reasons why
I still think the United States of America is the best country in the

Now, anytime you make a statement comparing one thing to another the only definitive way to decide which is better is to first determine the areas of comparison and define priorities. For example, recently a client of mine asked whether one window manufacturer was better than another. That is a nearly impossible question to answer. Are we talking about price, thermal resistance, light transmission, aesthetics, construction quality, environmental friendliness? The list goes on and on. Both manufacturers excel in different areas, so how do you rate one above the other? It is necessary to prioritize and give specific weights to the different criteria. In the case of the windows, my client valued aesthetics and construction quality over other criteria, but another client might place more value on a window made of recycled materials with a high insulation value. It’s important to note that my view of the United States is highly subjective. I lived in Europe for a couple years, and have traveled on a limited basis in North America, the rest of my world view comes from reading, and speaking with others who have traveled.

So, why do I still love the United States? (more…)