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Joomla! vs. WordPress, Why I Made the Switch

wordpress-vs-joomlaA little over three years ago I made the switch from the Nucleus CMS to the Joomla CMS. At the time my main motivations for making the switch were the slowness of the Nucleus development cycle, and my desire to use a system that was easier to update and to make information easier to find.

For the last few years Joomla! has served me well and I have used the framework as the backend for a number of commercial and private websites. At the end of April I decided to launch a new blog site,, and started looking for the easiest way to get a blog up and running. My tech mentor Leo Laporte has been touting for a few weeks. I checked out their site, which is amazing, but I didn’t like the idea of paying a monthly fee and I wasn’t planning on giving up my web hosting account with SiteGround, so I looked primarily at solutions that I could host myself.

I had taken a look at WordPress three years ago and I decided to take another look (I also checked out Nucleus, still not impressed).

Wow, WordPress has grown up in the last three years. Bottom line, I used WordPress on for a month and new I had to port this site over. So, for the last 5 days, that’s what I’ve been doing.

Okay, this is why you are here, you don’t care about all that history.

Joomla vs. WordPress

1. Post Editing:

This was probably my biggest frustration with Joomla is the lack of an integrated tag system and the ability to add posts to multiple categories. Since the purpose of this site is really to be a blog, tagging and multiple categories have been something I’ve wanted to add for some time.

WordPress also has a great autosave feature as well as keeping a history of past article versions. I havn’t had a need to go back to a previous version, but the autosave feature has saved me a couple times already. With Joomla! I typically edited my text in an external editor because I was afraid of browser crashes, etc. If you don’t edit site content that often or your posts are usually short then this probably isn’t important.

Joomla! and WordPress both have great WYSIWYG editors and Joomla! has a number of editors that you can use.

Winner: WordPress (more…)

Updating a website without messing up RSS feeds and auto Twitter alerts is sooooo difficult. Things keep slipping through.

Working on a new release of; I’ve ported the site to WordPress and am almost finished with the new template. Lots of fun! : )

I’m a convert. WordPress is now my blogging platform of choice.

Still playing with my site. I’m trying to get my Tweets to automatically import and it’s not going to well. : (

Playing with my website

Working on the new and improved!

New Photos

Okay, the long awaited web site update has happened! I know everyone anxiously visits my web page twice a year to see if I’ve updated anything! Well, I have…

I’ve moved all of my pictures to Flickr. I’ve been hosting all of my pictures on my own server but I decided it’s better to use Flickr becuase I have unlimited space and bandwidth so I can post a lot more than I have been. Also, Flickr has a much more robust permissions system so I can mark pictures as only visible by my family, friends and family, contacts, or everyone. This will make Flickr the one stop shop for everyone.

The photos you can access here on are only the photos I have marked as public. If you are a friend or a family member you can create your own Flickr account and access all of my pictures.

Hope everyone enjoys the upgrade and I’ll try to post more soon 🙂

UPDATE 06/10/09: This is how the site looked after the redesign. The site featured a Facebook button and Flickr thumbnail. The site structure was very similar to the current structure but was based on the Joomla! CMS.

Tim Alatorre Online as of Oct 28, 2007

Tim Alatorre Online as of Oct 28, 2007

Talatorre dot com

Tim Alatorre Online…. it’s Dot Com!

Good news! is back! You can now reach Tim Alatorre Online by either entering or!

A New Look

Tim Alatorre Online has undergone another face lift! In the ever evolving world of the internet I felt that my site was becoming outdated. My new site takes advantage of one of the hotest content managment systems available today, Joomla!

Not all of the content from my old site has been migrated to this one yet. You can still get everything that was by going here.

Hopefully this new technology will make it easier for me to update the site and make the information easier to find!

EDIT June 9th, 2009: The old site is no longer available, all content is available on this site.