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Team in Training 2007

Crystal is getting ready to do another event with Team in Training this year. The hardest and most rewarding part of working with Team in Training is raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. In 2005 Crystal raised over $2600 and did the Strawberry Fields Triathlon in Oxnard, Ca. This year she will be running the Nike Woman’s Marathon on October 21st in San Francisco, Ca and has set a goal to raise $2,500.
The hardest part of raising the money is writing a letter to friends and family asking for donations. These letters will be mailed out this weekend. Below is our first draft of our letter which fortunately won’t be mailed. If you would like to help Crystal reach her goal or check her progress you can go to


Race for Life, Crystal is a Triathlete!

Crystal Crosses the Finish Line

Crystal Crosses the Finish Line

Congratulations Crystal! Saturday Crystal successfully conquered the Strawberry Fields Triathlon in 1:28.58 hours and is now a Triathlete! You can check out some more pictures in our online photo album.

The most exciting part of the day was during the swimming portion in the ocean. The surf was very rough with waves breaking way over the heads of the swimmers standing in the ocean attempting to work out to the buoys marking the course. There was also a lot of debris in the ocean, large branches, sticks, etc. In Crystal?s group half were unable to break through the surf on the first attempt. Crystal was able to push through but not after being pummeled by two large waves. On the way in she was caught in another large wave containing debris which caught her up and rolled her over in the water. She was able to get out, looking a bit tired and stressed, but alive.

Crystal had set a goal to complete the even in 1:20 hours but she did it in 1:28! She was also able to raise $2000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! While running the race Crystal wore the names of Doyle Griffith and Barbara Keep, two of her friends who have been battling with cancer. Crystal wasn?t the only winner this weekend.